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Windsor Plans Charging Infrastructure for Chevrolet Volt

The arrival of the new Chevrolet Volt is energizing a lot of people, including government officials.; The car's launch is one of the key reasons that the City of Windsor, Ontario, and Enwin Utilities announced Tuesday that they plan to make Windsor the first municipality in Canada to have a charging infrastructure for electric-powered cars such as the Volt.

At least six plug-in vehicles, including the Volt, are expected to launch by 2011, and Windsorites want to make sure that their city will have plenty of available 240-volt outlets and public charging stations to make them a practical alternative to conventional vehicles.

Over the next two years, the utility company will spend approximately $38,000 USD to plan a charging network.; Ideally, Enwin would like to place charging stations at public locations like shopping malls, hotels, and parking garages.; It's still unknown if Enwin will operate these charging stations itself, or if they will be farmed out to other private companies.

"The Volt represents the potential of being a game-changing moment for the auto industry," said Max Zalev, Chairman of Enwin's board. Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis stated that "If consumer demand drives electric vehicle sales, then the infrastructure will be there to support them."