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Dude, VW's Dune Buggy Is Fully Electric

It looks like a modern Meyers Manx.

One of the great things about the original Volkswagen Beetle was that its chassis could be used to build all sorts of other vehicles. From kit cars to dune buggies, there's a long history of people turning Beetles into something completely customized. While VW's latest concept car won't be based on an old air-cooled Bug, it does hearken to those days by taking the form of a retro-style dune buggy atop VW's new electric platform.

Technically, the images shown here are supposed to be teasers, but they don't hide much. Even though it looks completely modern, the concept is clearly a modern interpretation of a Meyers Manx-style buggy, with no doors or roof, a set of wide sills, and large wheels wrapped in off-road tires. Range and powertrain information haven't been announced, but we've got to say that it looks pretty sweet. Even better, there's a good chance it's rear-wheel drive.

"A buggy is more than a car. It is vibrancy and energy on four wheels. These attributes are embodied by the new e-buggy, which demonstrates how a modern, non-retro interpretation of a classic can look and, more than anything else, the emotional bond that electric mobility can create," said Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagen's head of design, in a statement.

If Volkswagen were to actually put an electric dune buggy into production, you have to assume it would only appeal to a limited number of buyers. But according to Volkswagen, that's exactly the point. The concept was built to show how versatile the MEB platform is and how it could be used to deliver low-volume specialty vehicles.

Look for more information closer to its official reveal on March 5.