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Video: Go Behind the Scenes of the Porsche Mission E Design Process

How the sausage is made.

Ever since Tesla put eco-conscious consumers behind the wheel of its shapely Model S sedan, the Germans have been gunning for the California automaker with their own EVs. Porsche was the first to land a punch with the svelte Mission E concept, a stunning four-door sports car that heralds the future of the storied German brand. Now, Porsche released a new video going behind the scenes with the Mission E's design team.

It's not a simple as you might think to create a concept car. The video goes through the lengthy approval process, including a slew of presentations to determine the finalized design. Once the design is chosen, a 1/3rd scale model is created, with a full-sized clay model following right after. To create the gorgeous streamlined exterior, the designers turned to both the cutting edge Porsche 919 LMP car and vintage race cars for inspiration. The result is a low rounded front profile that conveys the Porsche lineage.

The video also takes a peek at the guts of the Mission E, alluding to the fact that the Mission E rides on the same electric powertrain as the Boxster E. When the Mission E broke cover, Porsche reported the car packed 600 hp from dual electric motors, with a purported range of around 315 miles. Performance is staggering, with a 0-610-mph time of three seconds.  The kicker? Porsche claims you can recharge 80 percent of the car's battery capacity in just 15 minutes, equaling around 248 miles of range.

Take a look at the Porsche Mission E's design process in the video below.