Video: Discussing the Buick Avenir Concept with Designer Warrack Leach

Robert Cumberford analyses the new show car.

Buick made a huge splash at this year’s Detroit auto show by unveiling the Avenir concept, which hopefully previews a bright and stylistic future for the brand. AUTOMOBILE design editor Robert Cumberford met with the Avenir’s creator, Warrack Leach, to learn more about the Buick’s look.

Warrack Leach is General Motors Australia’s head designer, and headed the design of the Buick Avenir in Port Melbourne, Australia, in partnership with General Motors North America. Based on General Motor’s new upcoming rear-wheel drive Omega platform, the Buick Avenir shares similar dimensions to the future Cadillac CT6 full-size rear-wheel drive sedan. Refreshingly, Buick seems to be making strides toward a more diversified and cohesively designed lineup, if the strikingly attractive Avenir concept is anything to go by. With GM’s next-generation V-6 engine under the hood and a nine-speed automatic transmission, Buick presents a conceptual full-on luxury flagship to lead the rest of the brand into the near-luxury segment.

With the Avenir being such a departure from the norm for Buick, it has raised plenty of questions regarding both its design and purpose. Cumberford addresses many of those questions with the Avenir’s creator, and does a full walk-around to get a clearer and more in-depth picture of the stunning concept.

Robert finds the Avenir to be a cohesive and good design. “It’s beautifully surfaced,” Robert says, looking at the back of the car. “There is no question that it is exquisitely done.”

Watch the full interview with Warrack Leach bellow, and check out the full photo gallery of the Buick Avenir concept in all of its glory.

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