Video: 50 Millionth U.S. Customer Awarded 2013 Toyota RAV4

Sometimes, you're just lucky. And lady luck smiled on Michael Dee of Levittown, New York, not once, but twice recently. Unbeknownst to Dee, he was Toyota Motor Sales' 50 Millionth U.S. customer. While casually enjoying a backyard barbecue, Dee was approached by Bill Fay, vice president of Toyota Motor Sales, with balloons, and the title to his recently-purchased 2013 Toyota Camry, announcing the company had paid off his car loan.

To thank him for his business, Fay announced that Toyota Motor Sales had paid off his car loan. Dee was obviously grateful, but in a classic "but wait, there's more" moment, Fay said if he could get a volunteer to tend the grill, that he had one more surprise for Dee. The New York Police Department officer then found a red 2013 RAV4 sitting in his driveway with a giant bow attached as an additional token of the company's appreciation of his business, and to commemorate the occasion.

Dee's family and friends, who were in on the surprise visit, soon followed him out front to applause and cheer the presentation of the new car. All Dee could say was "I can't explain how much this means to my family, and how thankful we are to Toyota. The whole 'thank you' thing just doesn't seem to cut it. It's a day I'll never forget. " Watch the presentation in the video below.

Source: Toyota

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