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Toyota Refutes False Rumors, Says RAV4 EV Will be Sold to Public

The upcoming 2012 Toyota RAV4 electric vehicle will be sold to the general public, the automaker stated today in a released statement. Toyota is correcting false rumors spread yesterday by a number of news and blog outlets who reported yesterday that the RAV4 EV would only be sold as a fleet car.

The automaker didn't provide an exact date on when we could expect the new all-electric RAV4, but it should arrive in showrooms by 2012. In addition to the RAV4 EV, Toyota will also release an EV version of the upcoming Scion iQ mini car.

The RAV4 EV, which debuted at last year's Los Angeles International Auto Show, is a product of the collaboration between Toyota and Tesla Motors. Toyota would provide its manufacturing expertise while Tesla would share its experience in EV powertrains and battery technology.

Toyota previously sold an electric version of the first-gen RAV4 more than 14 years ago, but was never a sales hit due to a number of reasons.  The upcoming RAV4 should be a more robust EV and should do well in the current push for all things electric. Aside from a revised front fascia and badging, the electric RAV will look nearly identical to its gas-powered counterpart. It will be powered by a lithium metal oxide battery and will weigh 220 pounds more than a RAV4 equipped with the V6 engine, and should have the same 0-60 time, according to Toyota.

Source: Toyota