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Toyota FT-SX Concept

According to Jim Press, the executive vice president and COO of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, the alphabet-intensive FT-SX crossover concept could see production within 3 years. Created as a sort of market test, the four-door concept boasts V-6 power, all-wheel drive, 21-inch wheels, and a large glass roof. Toyota claims that the front-end layout of the FT-SX is "an all-new expression" and that the look, which it calls "T-Face," will become the new design language for the company. This includes the three-slat grille, which is showing up everywhere these days (hello, Ford Fusion). The FT-SX is based on Toyota's K-body architecture, which currently underpins the Camry and new Avalon, and exemplifies Toyota's desire to create "younger-feeling" products while still catering to a more mature market.

The FT-SX sports a trick rear hatch which allows two panels in the glass roof to slide toward the center of the vehicle, creating both a larger opening and a rear sunroof. Access to the cargo area can also be achieved via pivoting the upper and lower halves of the hatch up or down, respectively. When the lower part of the hatch is down, a loading tray automatically extends to aid with cargo loading and unloading.

The exciting-for-Toyota interior is trimmed in wood, leather, and metal over its sweeping forms. Overall, the cabin design was influenced by a "60-60" philosophy whereby some driver's side elements carry over into the passenger side and vice versa, creating an impression of increased roominess. The FT-SX is slightly wider than the Highlander, but similar in all other dimensions. If built, it would serve as a larger and more stylish descendent of the departed (and dearly missed) Camry wagon, and prices would likely straddle those of the Highlander.