Toyota D-4D 180 Clean Power Concept Car

    The diesel car market is vital for any manufacturer in Europe, as Jaguar found to its detriment when it launched the X-type without an oil burner in the range. So although Toyota is launching the European version of the 4Runner (the Land Cruiser in Europe) and a more powerful and lighter Prius GT, the most significant car on its stand is the D-4D 180, powered by Toyota's new piezo-electric common rail diesel engine. This engine goes on sale in 2005 and is claimed by Toyota to have the world's lowest combined oxides of nitrogen (NOX) and particulate emissions. Enthusiast drivers will be more impressed by the power outputs that Toyota is claiming for these engines, which will be offered in 1.9- to 2.2-liter guises: 174 horsepower and up to 295 pound feet of torque.

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