Toyota Bringing Four Concepts to 2013 Tokyo Auto Show

    Toyota will have four new concept vehicles at the 2013 Tokyo auto show. Displays will range from near-production spec vehicles such as the JPN Taxi, to a futuristic three-wheeled pod that looks like something straight out of a sci-fi summer blockbuster. The 2013 Tokyo auto show runs from November 20 to December 11.

    Toyota FCV Concept

    The FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) concept employs hydrogen fuel-cell technology, previewing a fuel cell model that Toyota plans to roll out around 2015. A lightweight fuel cell stack and dual hydrogen tanks power the FCV, which has a max output of at least 100kW.

    While the projected range of 300 miles and three-minute refueling time are impressive, the FCV concept's design speaks much more to Toyota's imaginative vision. The FCV concept's design language actually echoes the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain, as it attempts to represent the transformation from air to water. Pronounced front air intakes flow into smooth, dynamic lines over the wheelbase, which come together cohesively at the rear end that Toyota says is inspired by the stem of a catamaran. While somewhat gimmicky, this is the kind of design tailor-made for a concept vehicle meant to preview future fuel technologies. We think it really works, and should draw some positive attention at the 2013 Tokyo auto show.

    Toyota FV2

    Certainly the most ambitious of Toyota's concepts for the 2013 Tokyo auto show, the one-seat Toyota FV2 shows that the Japanese automaker has some exciting ideas about the future of automobiles. Meant to showcase advanced future technologies that bring the driver into a more intimate physical and emotional engagement with the vehicle, the FV2 responds to the driver's intuitive body shifts rather than through feedback from a steering wheel and throttle. Advanced safety features include intelligent technology that communicates with other vehicles and infrastructure to provide advance warning of potential dangers like blind spots.

    If that isn't Philip-K.-Dick-enough for you, the Toyota FV2 uses tech from the Toyota Heart Project which enables it to familiarize itself with the driver. Over time it can determine driver mood through voice and image recognition, and suggest destinations based on driving history.

    JPN Taxi Concept

    Much in the way Nissan produced the NV200T specifically for NYC taxi service, Toyota has custom-designed its JPN Taxi for Japanese-style hospitality and service according to government guidelines. Easy ingress and egress come courtesy of high cabin, low floor, and wide, sliding electric doors.
    Although the JPN Taxi concept uses a new-fangled LPG hybrid system, the looks are completely retro. Clearly channeling classic London cabs, Toyota's new taxi concept has the traditional boxy body with its high, flat roofline, hood-mounted upright side mirrors, checkered grille, and eye-catching marquis banners on the windshield and side windows. The vehicle successfully addresses the needs of a modern taxi, but also does a good job of projecting a fun and lively personality.

    Toyota Aqua G Sports

    The Toyota Aqua G Sports, planned for launch later this November in Japan, is a hybrid sports hatch based on the Prius C. Tuned for racing without sacrificing fuel economy, the Aqua G Sports sits on black-painted wheels and is clad in aggressive styling notes like a sharp lower fascia with running LEDs and black headlamp housings.