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Toyota Camry Stays on Top in Midsize Sales for November 2014

Chrysler 200 continues to impress.

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The Toyota Camry is finishing the year off strong by leading the midsize segment in total sales for the month of November. Its sales totaled 28,846, which was enough to pull ahead of the second-place Honda Accord's 25,275 sales.

The Nissan Altima wasn't too far behind with a tally of 22,834 units for the month of November. Once again, the Ford Fusion fell in the number-four spot with 20,263 cars going home to customers, though that represents an 11.3-percent drop compared to November 2013. The Hyundai Sonata took fifth place with 18,515 units sold, a 12-percent improvement compared to the same period last year.

Meanwhile, the new Chrysler 200 continues to be a strong seller, posting 14,317 units sold last month. The 200 played a big role in Chrysler's 20-percent increase in sales in November. In seventh-place was the Kia Optima with 12,707 units sold. Falling in eighth and ninth places were the Chevrolet Malibu and Volkswagen Passat, with 11,997 and 6,966 vehicles sold, respectively.

Finally, the bottom three includes the Subaru Legacy, which went home to 5,733 customers, an increase of 96.9 percent compared to November 2013. Meanwhile, the Mazda6 and Dodge Avenger sold 3,891 and 540 units, respectively.