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Toyota and Tonka Team Up for Radical Toy-Inspired 4Runner

Childhood dream, realized.

Playing to the dreams of many a young off-road enthusiast, Toyota unveiled a custom Toyota 4Runner modified in the theme of Tonka toy trucks. Funrise, manufacturer of Tonka under license from Hasbro, was the driving force behind the modified Toyota 4Runner and will use it for marketing purposes.

Visually, the Tonka 4Runner is a striking departure from the standard SUV. Partnering up with Bulletproof Suspensions, Smittybilt, and Rigid Industries, the Tonka 4Runner rides on a heavily modified suspension that lifts the SUV by 10 inches. New 38-inch tires wrap around large yellow wheels, with a specially reinforced undercarriage supporting the vehicle.

On the inside, bright yellow seats continue the Tonka theme. Move back to the exterior, and the 4Runner is fitted with special black front and rear tubular bumper cages. Up top, a custom roof-top tent rounds out the rugged and ready appearance. Funrise added a specially-designed vinyl Tonka wrap over the standard paint.

No information is given on any changes made to the powertrain, so the 4Runner might retain the stock 4.0-liter V-6, which pushes out 270 hp and 278 lb-ft of torque.

This is not the first toy truck Tonka has brought to life. Ford partnered with Funrise earlier this year to create a special one-off Ford F-750 dump truck. The dump truck was debuted at the NTEA work truck show, and featured the classic yellow paint and block Tonka lettering. Toyota and Tonka have also previously teamed up on a Tundra-based monster truck at the 2014 SEMA show.

Take a look at the radical Tonka Toyota 4Runner in the photo gallery below.