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The Enforcer: 2011 Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle Fastest in Cop Tests

Each year, the Michigan State Police flock to Chrysler's proving grounds to test the latest batch of police-spec vehicles. Which 2011 cop car came out on top? Judging by some early reports, the win may be headed to Chevrolet.

After spending three days at Chrysler's proving grounds in Chelsea, Michigan, MSP testing officially wrapped up yesterday. Officers from the MSP's precision driving unit, along with other selected officers, tested the acceleration, braking, and handling of new police-spec offerings, along with other factors deemed important when selecting a new cruiser. The MSP aims to create a buyer's guide of sorts for law enforcement agencies.

Although that guide has yet to be compiled, the folks at Chevy are already happy with the early results. The brand's new Caprice PPV laid down some of the most impressive numbers, including the sprints from 0-60 mph and 0-100 mph.

"We have the fastest car, best brakes, largest interior, and most comfort," Dana Hammer, manager of Chevrolet's law enforcement vehicles, told The Detroit News. "Our goal was to be the leader [of the segment]."

According to the News, officers recorded the fastest 0 to 60 mph times with both the regular and E85-fueled Caprice, in addition to the fastest 0-100 mph times and the highest top speeds. The new Chevy, which is based largely upon the Australian Holden Commodore, was pitted against its 2011 competition, including the new Dodge Charger Pursuit and the aging (and soon deceased) Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Ford's new Taurus Police Interceptor also made the rounds at the test rounds, but as it was only in prototype form, its results are deemed unofficial at this stage.

Results from the whole series of testing days are preliminary, but bode well for Chevrolet. Full evaluations are likely to be published in November, but it may take Chevy a little longer to develop a column-mounted shifter for the Caprice -- a common request from officers.

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