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Color and Shape Photographs by TJ Grewal

"Obviously, I have a thing for Porsches... "

Car culture is overwhelmingly dominated by the brash, graphics, and 'racer boy' imagery," said TJ Grewal a.k.a. Teej, a Los Angeles, California-based photographer.

"This collaboration is meant to change that approach and be inclusive of a broader audience who is turned off by the status quo, an audience who shares a passion for the culture but are effectively left out because they have no way to express their passion in a way that speaks to them."

For example, check out the seriously haute wheel on this Lamborghini Countach. Like his obvious love for automobiles, Grewal's passion grew out of a hobby about eight years ago.

He currently owns an even dozen vehicles and has even built his own studio to play with light on their styling shapes—when he's not driving them.

"Obviously, I have a thing for Porsches, but I can find beauty in a Toyota Camry," the photographer admits.

Teej drove his 1966 Porsche 912 up to Rennsport Reunion VI  this year, "It's my first car that I bought for next to nothing back in 2001."

Grewal also owns the 1951 Porsche 356 seen at the top of the page with the light stripes dancing across its beautiful bulbous hood.

He also owns this gorgeous 1964 Jaguar E-type seen above here with light bubbles reflected on its facade. Cheers to that, mate.

TJ Grewal's first U.S. exhibit is currently on view at Mohawk Man in L.A., across the street from Sunset Junction in Silverlake.

Select prints are available for $450 unframed and $800 framed at the shop. I think this red Dino Ferrari below would look right at home in my garage.

"It's hard to pick a favorite but I think the Shelby Cobra is the most provocative to the everyday person," said Grewal. "I like drama and that one does it the most."

It's mine too and reminds me of a vintage Edward Weston photograph—well, if he shot cars instead of tasty looking peppers.