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The 2015 AUTOMOBILE Mid-Cycle Refresh

Editor's Letter

Los Angeles, California-Sleeker, fresher, and more elegant than before, the redesigned 2015 AUTOMOBILE has just been launched and represents a new direction for the brand. At once fresh and familiar, the new-model AUTOMOBILE features all the elements you've come to expect from America's leading lifestyle automotive publication
for almost 30 years running, wrapped in an impressively restyled package.

The first thing your eyes are drawn to on the updated AUTOMOBILE is its gleaming, refreshed grille, as we've replaced the outdated sans-serif unit of the outgoing model. More sophisticated than before, the 2015 AUTOMOBILE grille features a dynamic serif motif, flanked by high-discharge LED callouts to our website (also updated for 2015) and now-familiar No Boring Cars slogan.

Look inside, and you'll notice that although the major components largely carry over, the look and feel of the 2015 AUTOMOBILE have been reimagined. Fonts have been carefully tuned to deliver more power, and tasteful serif "A" accents appear throughout. Out of the gate, the table of contents (TOC) has a more contemporary feel and was developed with ease of use in mind. The new TOC allows you to access the content you want more quickly. We estimate you'll be able to find stories from page 1 to 100-plus in less than 5 seconds.

The 2015 AUTOMOBILE'S Ignition section, already best in its segment, has been engineered to deliver even more performance. Updated parts include the Kacher future control system, the Kitman left-leaning loping cam, and the St. Antoine supercapacitor. The tail end of the section continues to be highlighted by the now-legendary Cumberford design analysis, which is often curmudgeon-injected for an additional power boost. Even more updates are planned as the model year progresses.

The Driven section also delivers a more accelerated approach, featuring improved geographic locators as well as photographs and statistics that improve the section's styling and ergonomics. More than ever, Driven distills the most exciting new car reviews by the best writers in order to deliver the sensations of the road to your coffee table.

At the heart of the refreshed 2015 AUTOMOBILE is its feature section, which is carefully assembled using only the finest words and pictures. Honed through the years by the combined efforts of the brand's master word mechanics past and present, the feature section employs the latest in advanced technologies to deliver a world-class mix of stories from outside suppliers as well as in-house engineers.

Of course, the feature section is still powered by high-octane comparison tests (see the Mercedes-AMG C63 duel with the BMW M3), wind-tunnel-honed motorsports tales, and finely tuned travelogues. There may be the occasional misfire as we further hone the section, but, rest assured, we're constantly working to create an exotic mix of exceptional words and photos that set the 2015 AUTOMOBILE apart from the competition.

Upshift continues to follow the Four Seasons approach our customers have come to expect, but we'll soon offer upgrades in print and bolt-ons for our digital model, automobilemag.com, that will better highlight long-term vehicles and the varied environments they visit—from the backwoods of Missouri to the stark landscapes of Utah and all points between. Last but not least, Collectible Classic and Auctions are as strong as ever, but they, too, have been infused with more class and style.

The reveal of the 2015 AUTOMOBILE is the culmination of months of intense effort by creative director Darren Scott and his team, as well as many others, both in house and at large.

But the most important element of all, we've saved for last: AUTOMOBILE is nothing without you, our loyal readers. You are the driver, both the reason for what we do and what keeps
us going.

I read every letter that comes in, and I'd love to hear from all of you at letters@automobilemag.com. What you'd like to see more of, what you'd like to see less of—any and all ideas are welcome. The refresh is just another step in a never-ending journey to improve everything we do, everywhere we are. This means the magazine, our vastly improved website (which now features the first true mobile car buyer's guide in the industry), our social channels, and our videos.

Without you, there is no AUTOMOBILE, so we hope you'll help us bring you more of what you want, wherever you want it. The 2015 AUTOMOBILE aims not to be a boring car.