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Tesla Roadster World Tour makes Historic Stop to Honor Nikola Tesla

We posted last month about the "Odyssey of Pioneers," in which a 2010 TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster electric vehicle left Basel, Switzerland, for a 24,000 trip around the world. This week, the EV is winding through southeastern Europe, where it will make a somewhat historical pit stop in Budapest, Hungary.

What's the connection? Well, Budapest was one of the many stomping grounds of Tesla's namesake -- Nikola Tesla. Better yet, it's said that while living in Budapest, Tesla thought up the original design for the alternating current motor -- the same type of motor used in the Roadster -- during a feverish hallucination.

"Without his vision and brilliance, our car wouldn't be possible," said Tesla CEO Elon Musk. "If he were alive today, I'm sure Nikola Tesla would be a very happy Roadster customer and a passionate advocate of electric vehicles."

Budapest is the fourth stop on the Tesla's tour. Luke McClure, the EV's driver, has used standard electric outlets at hotels along the route, a solar panel array, and even a power feed located inside a Swiss barn to keep the roadster fully "fueled". The Tesla Roadster accomplishes this feat because it's equipped with its own charging equipment, so there is no need for specialized outlets or charging stations.

Tesla Motor will be hosting a VIP celebration, along with test drives for prospective customers from April 15-16 at the TAG Heuer Boutique in Budapest. The Roadster will then resume the tour to its next stop -- Warsaw, Poland. The entire journey is tentatively scheduled to last eight months, and is expected to end come October, when the Tesla is due in Paris.

Source: Tesla

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