Tesla Model S Q3 2016 Sales Exceeded Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series Combined: Report

Electric automaker delivered 24,500 cars

If you thought the Tesla Model X SUV would steal the older Model S' sales thunder, you'd be wrong. Following a particularly strong third quarter this year, Electrek reports the Model S outsold the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series combined.

According to Electrek, Tesla reported 2016 Q3 sales of 9,156, a 59 percent increase year-on-year. This lift is thanks in part to a Model S refresh earlier this year in April, which included a host of new batteries and trim levels. This only includes the U.S. quarterly sales, a figure that is less than half of Tesla's global Q3 sales, which added up to 24,500 deliveries.

Other occupants of the large luxury segment are struggling to keep up with the electric automaker. In 2016 Q3, Mercedes delivered 3,138 S Class, a 42 percent decline in sales. BMW, with its redesigned 7 Series, saw stronger sales, but still lagged far behind Tesla at 3,634 units moved, a 219 percent increase over 2015. This is impressive, but not necessarily unexpected. The base price of the Tesla Model S for around $66,000, while the starting price is at around $81,000 for the 7 Series and around $96,000 for the S-Class.

Electrek reports Tesla is now operating at a stellar annual production output around 100,000 vehicles, putting it at five times the production rate of 2013. Tesla hopes to achieve an annual production rate of 500,000 vehicles with the rollout of the Model 3, for which the automaker has already amassed an incredible 400,000 pre-orders.

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