Tesla Introduces New Lease Program for Roadsters

Until now, the only way to possess a Tesla Roadster of your own was to buy one, but the company announced today it is launching a new lease program.

Purchasing any car -- let alone a two-seat EV sports car that runs over $100,000 -- is a big decision. In order to get more people behind the wheel of its Roadsters, Tesla offers its Tesla Motors Leasing program. Leases last 36 months, and require $12,453 at signing, along with a $9900 down payment. With this lease plan, monthly payments are estimated to be in the neighborhood of $1658. In comparison, Tesla's purchase plan, offered through Bank of America, would run customers an extra $1200 each month.

To add some icing on the cake, Tesla's new "Tesla Rangers" service is included in the cost of the lease. As previously reported, the "Rangers" can perform service and maintenance tasks at the owner's home in lieu of bringing the car to a dealership. Normally, this service costs at least $1 per round-trip mile traveled.

Tesla's lease program begins today, and according to the company, it's ordered a handful of Roadsters with the most popular colors and options to prepare for customer demand.

Source: Tesla

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