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10 Reasons the 2019 Kia K900 Is a Way Better Luxury Sedan than Before

Once trading purely on plushness, there’s more to recommend the big Kia

Eleonor Segurawriter, photographer

The odds of seeing a second-generation Kia K900 on U.S. roads right now are nearly as slim as winning the Powerball or being personally serenaded by Mariah Carey on Christmas Eve. Even the first-gen car wasn't exactly a common sight after a number of years on sale—so I was happy to snatch the keys to a 2019 K900 for an extended, two-night meet and greet. Once I opened the long doors and peered inside our VIP Package-equipped example, it was clear it represented a huge improvement over its predecessor in terms of finish and features. I started thinking the experience was going to be more like a day of pampering at the spa than a test drive.

The Korean luxury sedan has three key competitors in the Cadillac CT6, Lexus LS, and Lincoln Continental. But where those cars have flashier styling, the K900 gets the job done with understatement, albeit maybe too much as it regards the exterior. That's much less of a factor inside, though, and once I was driving the K900 around my neighborhood I felt more like I was being chauffeured than actively piloting the car. Still, just for giggles I parked the K900 and moved to the rear compartment for a taste of the VIP experience. Using the rear console, I pumped up the volume on the melodious Lexicon audio system, and I imagined sipping a glass of Cristal, kicking off my stilettos, and instructing my driver to take the long route to my private jet. Without further delay, here are 10 more ways the 2019 Kia K900 can make you feel oh-so glamorous.

  1. Ambient Lighting with Custom Colors

I often get into cars and find that the ambient lighting is set to either green or blue, which makes me insane when there are other options. The K900's ambient lighting allows you to choose from 64 hues, and to add a touch of femininity and inform everyone who the boss is, I chose a shade of pink.

  1. Lexicon Audio System

You better believe I cranked up the bass and put on a festive music playlist to get the party started. Listening to Bad Bunny's "Mia" on the superb, 17-speaker audio system felt like Drake was guiding me to the dance floor with all 900 watts.

  1. Maurice Lacroix Analog Clock

Oh, you fancy now, huh! Everyone knows a proper luxury car needs a proper timepiece in the dash; Mercedes-Benz has IWC Schaffhausen, Bentley has Breitling, and Kia now has Maurice Lacroix.

  1. Interior Design Pattern

Kia has also taken a page from other more established automakers and added classy speaker grilles punched through in an interesting and complex pattern. And if you take a closer look at the rear seats, you'll also find the pattern in a more secretive location.

  1. Instrument-Cluster Blind-View Monitor

When you signal to turn or change lanes to the left or right, the speedometer and tachometer are minimized in favor of a camera view to show you what you might not be able to see. Your vehicle and engine speeds are still visible above the camera image, and we prefer having both views available to, say, Honda's setup, which only shows the view to the right.

  1. Front-Passenger Seat Chauffeur Switches

The VIP package includes a pair of switches on the left of the front passenger seatback that gives drivers the ability to quickly motor the front passenger seat away from Very Important People hopping in behind. Using the switches, you can move the entire seat forward or back, as well as adjust the backrest separately to move it even farther out of the way.

  1. Instrument Cluster Graphics

Of all the interior features the cutest one is the K900 graphic that displays on the instrument cluster when you enter the car or shut off the engine. I really enjoyed it, and came to think of it as a sparkling, animated welcome fairy. It also tells you to come back soon every time you exit the car.

  1. Rear-Seat VIP-ness

The VIP package also adds a rear wireless phone-charging pad (there's already one up front), 14-way power for the right rear seat, 12-way power for the left rear seat, cooling for both rear seats, and a sumptuous sueded headliner.

  1. Rear Privacy Shade

Every time someone followed me too closely or came to a stop inches away from the K900's rear bumper, I rolled up the rear privacy shade. It felt good to block out those drivers with no awareness of following or stopping distance. When you put the car in reverse the shade rolls down automatically so you can be sure that the coast is clear.

  1. Drive Modes with Automatic Driver-Seat Adjustment

When I put the K900 in Sport mode, I was shocked to feel the driver's seat hug my sides! Then I looped through all the drive modes and discovered that the seats cleverly adjust automatically to an appropriate level of support for every mode.

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