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The Tank X Looks Like a Transformer and Has 1,000 Horsepower

Rezvani’s Tank X is one mean off-roader with a Demon’s heart.

We're no strangers when it comes to covering the custom off-road scene, from Land Rovers to patriotic Jeeps, there are always some that stand out with the Rezvani Tank X being one of them.

It just reminds us of the Terminator or Megatron from Transformers. It's designed to go both on and off-road and comes with a Dodge Demon 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 that has been tuned to make over 1,000-horsepower. One of two Fox off-road suspension packages are offered along with Grid's off-road wheel package with custom T6061 Air Craft Forged aluminum wheels and 16-inch, 8-piston brake calipers.

To help with getting in and out of the beast there are retractable side steps that disappear underneath the Tank once the doors close. The driver can turn AWD on and off whenever they please to better suit their driving needs. High-intensity LED lights with over ten styles of seats are available to choose from. What really sets the Tank X apart from other SUVs is the inclusion of a thermal/night Vision system. Pretty much it's almost like Predator vision where it reads heat produced by bodies and other objects, allowing them to be seen at night.

If you like what you see, the Tank X starts at $349,000 (mutant army to battle sold separately.)