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This Tiny Suzuki Jimny Pickup Truck Is the Freaking Best

The Jimny pickup concept is debuting alongside an expedition-style SUV version.

Ever since the fourth-generation Suzuki Jimny debuted earlier this year, we've been seething with jealousy that Japan and other parts of the world get the tiny, back-to-basics off-road SUV. If a concept version coming to Tokyo Auto Salon next month receives the green light for production, we'll have even more reason to be envious: Meet the Jimny Sierra Pickup Style concept.

The concept appears to add about a foot to the Jimny's virtually nonexistent rear overhang with the tiniest truck bed we've ever seen. Though its ultimate utility may be questionable, the bed changes the boxy SUV's profile quite a bit, and we dig the look. The concept is based on the Jimny Sierra model, which gets wider fender flares and a larger (though still eensy) naturally aspirated 1.5-liter four-cylinder that makes 101 horsepower. The pickup concept also sports wood panels along the sides; a unique, retro-flavored front grille; a bed-mounted light bar; and two tow hooks in the front bumper.

Suzuki is also bringing a modified Jimny SUV concept called the Survive. This small, expedition-ready sport ute features an external upper roll cage, skid plate, bead-lock wheels, a steel front bumper, and diamond-plate accents on the fenders. As much as we'd love to see these two vehicles—or any Jimny model—for sale in the U.S., that's unfortunately not going to happen. At least we have the admittedly far larger Jeep Gladiator to deliver off-road pickup thrills.