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Surf's Up for 2017 Land Rover Discovery HSE

New Disco gets a righteous upgrade

Land Rover dropped a totally bitchin' Dynamic Design pack for the 2017 Discovery HSE and HSE Luxury at the 2016 Los Angeles auto show.

The optional package includes a blacked-out grille, vents, and matching mirror caps. Owners can choose either 21- or 22-inch dark gray cast alloy wheels, a black or gray contrast roof, and sick new bumpers, bro.

The Rover seats seven, maybe more if they are mostly pint-sized surfers. Inside the Disco, there's leather trim, contrast stitching, and titanium mesh finish throughout the newly stoked cabin.

It also sports an awesome power tailgate and the Disco's new activity key, which is a band that you wear on your wrist instead of a fob. The key is waterproof to depths up to 98.4 feet, which is great for divers.

Big Kahuna surfer Laird Hamilton and his 8-year-old bud, Jett Prefontaine, hit Point Mugu in Malibu, California with a 2017 Land Rover Discovery to shred and promote the surf-friendly pack in a new video.

Hamilton shows off the killer Intelligent Seat Fold app while sitting on his board in the Pacific. It demonstrates how you can reconfigure the second and third row seats remotely with a smartphone. Excellent.

"The new Land Rover Discovery could have been made as the ultimate surfer's SUV. Its specially-designed Aqua Rack makes it easy to transport your boards, the Powered Inner Tailgate is the perfect place to sit in shelter from the elements and the Activity Key is awesome - I wish I'd had one years ago," Hamilton gushes in a statement.

"You can even adjust the vehicle from the surf! Remotely rearranging the seats to make space for your friends, or activating the climate control to cool the vehicle before you catch the last wave of the day, has to be the ultimate in convenience."

The all-terrain SUV has no problems tackling the beaches of Malibu using its "Sand" mode. We'd love to test it on a Costa Rican beach and roads for a comparison sometime. Now, that would be epic, dude.

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