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Super Bowl 2014: Watch All The Automotive Ads Here

February 2 was not only the date of a showdown between the NFL's Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, it also represented the time of year when companies drop hundreds of thousands of dollars crafting new TV commercials. Here are all the car-related commercials from Super Bowl 2014 commercials.

Audi - Doberhuahua

In Audi's commercial, when a couple can't pick between adopting a Doberman or a Chihuahua, they pick the freakish Doberhuahua, only to learn that the compromised dog isn't such a great deal. On the contrary, Audi suggests, the 2015 Audi A3 sedan was designed without any compromises.

CarMax - Slow Clap

While CarMax doesn't actually produce new cars, the company is responsible for selling many cars to consumers all over the nation. This year, CarMax's Super Bowl pitch shows strangers giving a "slow clap" to a customer driving away from CarMax in his new car.

Chevrolet - Romance

How better to promote the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado HD pickup than by showing it being put to use towing a heavy cattle trailer? Perhaps by throwing in a little romance, in the form of a frustrated bull listening to Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing."

Chrysler - America's Import

Bob Dylan provided music and narration to this clip highlighting the 2015 Chrysler 200. "Is there anything more American than America?" Dylan asks. "So let Germany brew your beer, let Switzerland make your watch, let Asia assemble your phone. We will build your car."

Ford - Nearly Double

In this ad, actors Rob Riggle and James Franco help Ford highlight the 2014 Fusion Hybrid's fuel economy ratings, which Riggle claims are nearly double the economy ratings of some other midsize cars. The 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid is rated at 47/47 mpg (city/highway) by the EPA.

Honda - #hugfest

To tout Honda's attention to in-car safety, Bruce Willis encourages viewers to hug someone they love. Unfortunately for him, actor Fred Armisen takes that message too literally and won't let go of Willis.

Hyundai - Nice, Dad's Sixth Sense

To promote the 2014 Hyundai Elantra, Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki features in this outlandish spot. When Galecki spots a pretty woman driving an identical Elantra, he tries to attract her attention, but is foiled at every turn.

In a second spot, Hyundai takes a more practical approach with a father who always intervenes to keep his son away from disaster. So too does the 2015 Hyundai Genesis, with active-safety features that keep a klutzy teen from rear-ending another car.

Jaguar - Rendezvous: The Set Up Teaser, British Villains: Rendezvous

Jaguar plans to promote the new F-Type Coupe during this weekend's game, but so far this shadowy teaser clip seems more like a preview for an action movie than a car ad. The full-length Jaguar ad will feature appearances by Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong, and Tom Hiddleston.

In the full spot, Jaguar wonders why Hollywood films so often cast Brits as villains, while showing a Jaguar F-Type Coupe evading a helicopter and blasting around London.

Jeep - Restless

A spot for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee crossover is meant to highlight the car's go-anywhere, go-anything nature. "Where you go when you have the itch is free will," says the narrator. "How you get there, is why we made the new Cherokee."

Kia - The Truth

In Kia's spot, Laurence Fishburne reprises his role as Morpheus from The Matrix and offers a couple a choice between their old, dull luxury sedan, and a new 2014 Kia K900. "Take the blue key, you go back to the luxury you know," he tells the couple. "Take the red key, and you'll never look at luxury the same again. "

Maserati - Strike

Maserati was the unofficial champ of car-themed Super Bowl ads, with its unexpected spot that highlights the 2014 Ghibli. Cryptic images are accompanied by a little girl's narration, leading up to her assertion that, "Then we walk out of the shadows, quietly walk out of the dark, and strike." That, it turns out, is a metaphor for Maserati's return with the new Ghibli -- and provides an opportunity for us to hear the Italian car's roar.

Smart - Offroading

To highlight the value of a small electric car, Smart shows the Fortwo attempting and failing to drive off-road. Instead, Smart shows that the car is ideal for cramped cities -- whereas large SUVs that could handle off-road courses struggle to park in the urban jungle.

Toyota - Joyride Teaser

Actor and athlete Terry Crews stars in this commercial as a 2014 Toyota Highlander driver who stumbles across the cast of the upcoming film "Muppets Most Wanted." Although this teaser clip leaves much to the imagination, Toyota says the full-length commercial will show the Muppets helping Crews, "how Toyota Highlander puts the 'fun' in function."

In the full version of the ad, the Muppets join Crews for a ride in his 2014 Toyota Highlander, before launching into a wild song-and-dance routine.

Volkswagen - Algorithm Teaser, Wings

Can the same engineering approach used to develop Volkswagen cars help the German brand craft the ideal TV commercial? Based on this engineer's teaser video, perhaps not.

In Volkswagen's full commercial, the automaker attempts to highlight how many of its cars last to hit more than 100,000 miles. It turns out that each time a Volkswagen crosses the six-digit threshold, a German engineer receives quite the surprise.