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Study: Idaho, Vermont, Wyoming Ranked "Best" States For Car Drivers

Louisiana, California, Texas come out worst.

Jake HolmeswriterChris Nelsonphotographer

The state in which you register and drive your car can play a big role in what driving is like. A new study from personal-finance outlet Bankrate ranked the best and worst states for drivers based on five key metrics. The study's authors concluded that top five best states for drivers, in descending order, are Idaho, Vermont, Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

To create the ranking, Bankrate analysts looked at official government and state data for the fatal car-accident rate, insurance premiums, gas prices, repair costs, and average commute times in each state -- the lower each number, the better. Idaho drivers, for instance, reportedly have average commutes under 20 minutes, and pay an average of $656 per year for car insurance. Bankrate said that the national averages, meanwhile, were 24.4 minutes and $911.

On the other end of the scale, Bankrate said the five states that are worst for drivers are Louisiana, California, Texas, Maryland, and New Jersey. Louisiana posted the highest average insurance premiums in Bankrate's research (New Jersey had the second-highest premiums), while California had the highest rate of car thefts of any state and a higher-than-average commute time of 26.40 minutes.

Because the data in Bankrate's analysis are only averages, there are many factors that will influence which states are best and worst for individual drivers. For a broad look, click here to see the full ranking of all 50 states.