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"Last Look” Mini Truck from ‘Sticker Shock’ Discovers Missing Piece

Tricked-out 1986 Toyota Pickup SR5 worth an estimated $110,000

Minitrucks still rule and the modified small American and Japanese pickups from the '70s, '80s, and '90s are quite popular with collectors.

This example is a 1986 Toyota Pickup SR5 named "Last Look" and it is one of the finest examples around. It was featured on the cover of Mini Truckin' magazine back in December 1996. That's when its current owner, Fester Adams of Phoenix, Arizona fell in love with the tricked-out truck by Kal Koncepts of California.

The pickup was also featured on a recent episode of Discovery's "Sticker Shock" where Adams learned his truck's estimated value of $100,000—despite not running and missing a panel from its bed.

Adams found the Toyota at used car lot in Marietta, Georgia and said it needed a lot of work. He told host Dennis Pittsenbarger that he paid about $13,000 for it. Well, at least that's what he remembers telling his wife he paid for it. Adams then sank another $5,000 and lots of time restoring it to its present condition.

"Sticker Shock" appraiser Randy Carlson was impressed with "Last Look," which began its life as a thrashed shop truck and was transformed into one of the most iconic mini trucks of all-time.

It was a tribute to Jon Kosmoski, car artist and founder of House of Kolor, and was also used as a showpiece in a number of the company's advertisements. Aside from the incredible paint job and wonderful airbrushed art, the truck also features one-off rims by Boyd Coddington and Kurtis Craft race-boat bucket seats.

The missing panel hid the fuel cell, air tanks, and compressors for the airbag system under the bed. But thanks to the show, Adams received a message about the truck's long lost missing panel. After dropping a few more bucks for it, he was able to complete his work of art.

"She's now complete and I'm just a kid in the candy store," said Adams. "I've had this truck for 12 years now and I always dreamed of putting the panel back on there."

"Last Look" now looks even more incredible and is now worth a bit more according to our expert appraiser.

"The paint job on the truck done by Kal Koncepts is not only spectacular in color and layout, it is also a graphic timeline story of the custom truck scene. The missing panel for the bed was the artists signature to this masterpiece and for it to be missing was like a hole in the canvas of the Mona Lisa," Carlson tells us.

"Putting the artists signature back on the rolling canvas completes it. This is a major value add to the truck that in my eyes adds at least another $10,000 to this legendary machine."

Watch the exclusive reunion clip of Adams placing the missing piece in his beautiful puzzle. And don't forget to tune in to the season finale of "Sticker Shock" this week on the Discovery Channel.