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Stepping Up: Volkswagen to Offer Eos Exclusive Edition in Europe

What makes a luxury car? Leather seating? Fancy trim? What if you could get those luxury touches on a more affordable car? Volkswagen thinks you'd like that, and it's got a new package called Volkswagen Exclusive designed to make your affordable car a bit more opulent, as long as you currently reside in Europe.

Meet the Volkswagen Eos Exclusive edition. Normally a plebian offering, the Eos can now be spruced up with a few luxury car standards such as two-tone nappa leather, sport seats, contrast stitching, "piano lacquer" trim, chrome accents on the grille ribs, and three new 18-inch wheel designs. The Volkswagen Exclusive package also nets you a sport suspension that lowers the car 0.6 inches.

All of these luxury-like extras come at a price, though. A standard VW Eos will run you 27,524 euro with shipping and hefty European taxes, or roughly $35,300. To snag an Exclusive package, you'll need to drop a whopping 34,350 euro, or about $44,200. Obviously the prices don't translate exactly due to differences in U.S. and European taxes, but that's still a $9,000 (5000 euro) mark-up for the package. For perspective, the luxurious Volkswagen Phaeton starts at 65,800 euro, or $84,600, and in the U.S., the Eos starts at $32,390.

Is the extra coddling worth the coin? Unless you live in Europe, you won't have to worry about it for now, but VW says it's working on Special Edition Eos for the U.S. market though no release date has been set. Presuming it does come here, would you buy one if the price were right?

Source: Volkswagen

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