Spyder Spied? Acura NSX Roadster Sketches Found In Patent Filing

There’s no doubt the 2015 Acura NSX is a good thing, but things could get even better for those that enjoy the open air. Some clever searching apparently uncovered patent images of a new NSX roadster lurking at the European Patent Office.

According to Temple of VTEC, an enthusiast forum devoted to all things Honda, sketches of a topless Acura NSX supercar were uncovered on a French automotive blog. Apparently, six drawings of the open-top supercar were filed with the European Patent Office on February 22. The wireframe sketches show all angles of the car, and are accompanied by 3D renderings of the Acura NSX coupe concept that illustrate the differences between the two designs. Unsurprisingly, the two NSX models look largely the same, save for the roadster’s folding top, rear fenders, and restyled decklid.

We’ve heard rumblings about a convertible variant of the next Acura NSX for a while now — and while the patent illustrations seem promising, it’s hard to tell if they were filed in preparation of the actual vehicle, or to cover a one-off show car created for the upcoming Marvel movie, “The Avengers.” Acura representatives maintain the open-top sports car used in the movie is a “one-off, fictional car that was created just for the film;” in fact, that car is actually built atop the mechanicals of a first-generation Acura NSX.

That said, we wouldn’t mind if this proposed drop-top Acura NSX ultimately does make the jump from fiction to reality.

Source: Temple of VTEC