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Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible Hits the Pavement

Looking good in gray

It has been several weeks since we last spotted the next-gen Porsche 911, but now the sports car has reemerged sporting an attractive gray paint job.

Our spy photographers caught the convertible version enjoying the final days of summer with its top down. The scoop just behind the rear door indicates this is the Turbo model, and unsurprisingly, the overall design hasn't changed too much from the current version.

Up front, however, you'll notice revised air intakes, and in the rear, there is a new light bar that extends the entire width of the car. This detail is hidden by some camouflage, but it hints at an updated design inspired by the new Panamera. Many details in the rear will likely change for production, such as the exhaust. Last month, we spotted a coupe prototype with less camouflage.


Porsche hasn't announced powertrain details. But expect the Turbo to come with a six-cylinder twin-turbo boxer engine making around 600 hp. The current Turbo S already produces 580 hp, so making the 600-hp mark seems like a pretty reasonable goal.

We expect the next 911 to debut in one form or another pretty soon. It's possible the reveal could happen as soon as the Paris Motor Show next month. In the meantime, check out the full gallery of images below.

Photo Source: CarPix