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See and Hear the Porsche 911 R in Action

Flat-six heaven.

Rejoice, Porschephiles; the 911 R is upon us. At the 2016 Geneva auto show, the German automaker thrilled the world with a stripped-down, back-to-basics 911 for the well-heeled enthusiast. Thankfully, while the car looks fantastic in photos, we have two videos of the R directly from Porsche to enjoy the ubercoupe even further.

In simple words, the 911 takes the best the GT3 line has to offer, and distills it down to a road-friendly package. Starting with a 911 GT3 chassis, Porsche slots in the 4.0-liter flat-six from the GT3 RS. All 500 horses are sent to the rear wheels through an all-new six-speed manual transmission, allowing the 911 R to crack 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 200 mph.

Overall, the entire car is lighter, tighter, and sharper than anything Porsche offers in the 911 lineup. At this point, you probably want one as badly as we do. Unfortunately, there isn't much chance of one landing in your driveway any time soon, with a starting price of just above $185,000. Though, even if you had a fat enough wallet, the car is likely already sold out, with most of the U.S. allotment snapped up by Porsche VIPs who are at the top of the list for special Porsche models, thanks to their purchase of a 918 Spyder.

To help (or hurt) our bruised egos, Porsche released two videos that should keep you sated until you see one at your local car show. In the first one, Porsche highlights the R's lineage that stretches back to the mid-1960s with the hyper-limited 1967 911 R. The scene is set with a '67 R carving its way through a series of European switchbacks, until it meets in the middle with the brand-new 911 R.

The second video is focused entirely on the new car. In the video, there is an overabundance of exhaust sound, gratuituous shifting, and great shots of the car in action.