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Incredible School Bus Camper Conversion Might Make You Want to Drop Off the Grid

Meet Danny. Danny has a bus. Danny's bus is cooler than your apartment.

Kelly LinWriter

We've seen all kinds of "tiny homes," but this incredibly, wood-lined one doesn't feel so small thanks to its clever use of space and materials. Also, it's actually a school bus—so it's not really that tiny, and combined with its excellent execution, it has just about everything you need to live on the road.

The man behind the bus is Danny, who left his apartment in New York City and moved into a 2001 Thomas Freightliner he had spent around two years designing into new digs. He's been living in the bus for six months, enjoying the natural wood walls that cover the entire interior. The 38-foot-long bus provides space for multiple rooms—more rooms than many New York apartments have. The living room features a bookshelf, table, and an 8-foot long couch that folds out into a spare bed (the main bed can be found deeper inside the vehicle).

The kitchen may be the most impressive part of the bus, with its spacious red oak countertops, water filter, oven, and refrigerator. There also is a wood stove that keeps the whole apartment warm in the winter. In the bedroom, a secret hatch opens up to the roof deck, where there are solar panels providing power to the bus and plenty of space to do yoga or relax out in the sun. Open the Freightliner's rear door, and you'll find a decent-sized storage garage.

Being hunkered down at home has us dreaming of roaming more than ever before. When this is all over, of course. Watch the YouTube video above and see if it gives you some inspiration.

Hat tip to Motor1.com