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Scarab Motorsports Returns to FIA Competition

Replica approved for racing

Building a true to form replica is a difficult task. Purists will argue that it dilutes the brand and "real" heritage of the cars, while enthusiasts claim replicas help ensure people without trusts, castles, and jets aren't the only ones able to experience these masterpieces. A company attempting to bridge that gap, Scarab Motorsports LLC, which produces an authentic reproduction of the iconic Scarab racecar, has now helped close that gap further with certification from the FIA to compete in historic race events.

Originally powered by a Halibrand-sourced V-8 coupled to a quick-change rear differential, the Scarab Chevrolet Mark I was the brainchild of racer Lance Reventlow, a pro-racer and notorious playboy in the 1960s. The car quickly dominated the races it entered, and in the first year, won the Riverside International Grand Prix in California beating other more established race teams and even legendary driver and Formula 1 champion, Phil Hill. Carroll Shelby also drove a Scarab to first place at the Continental Divide Raceway in Colorado where he broke the course record, twice.

The new car is modeled after the 1958 Scarab racecar, which includes the original style drum brakes, De Dion rear suspension, period correct 339-cubic-inch Chevrolet V-8, Lehman front drive unit, magnesium wheels, and other original components. The aluminum skin is built in Poland out of aircraft grade aluminum and features a lattice chassis durable enough for FIA competition.

The car also comes with a leather interior, roll bar, newer tires, and can be optioned for either street or tack use, with the latter concerning the FIA certification mentioned above. Only 20 cars will be built, and two have already sold.

Because of the certification, which is conditional on whether or not the car's pass tech as well as use period correct technology (no LS swaps here), the cars are able to compete in worldwide racing events such as the Goodwood Revival, Nurburgring Historics, Le Mans, and the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Pricing on the Scarab starts at $79,750 for just a rolling chassis. There are quite a few other options available and parts needed before you're rubbing shoulders and fenders with other period racers.