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Saturn nixes the 2009 Astra

Due to the large back stock of 2008 Saturn Astras, GM has decided that there is no need to fill dealer lots with a bunch of 2009s.

Most Saturn dealers can't hide their large stock of the Opel-based hatchback. Autoblog was able to confirm this decision by speaking with Steve Janisse, group manager for Saturn communications this morning. While there is no 2009 model, Autoblog reports that the 2010 model is on schedule to go on sale in the spring with minimal changes.

Currently you can't build a 2009 Astra under the build your own section on Saturn's consumer site. Yet, rest assured, that there are more than enough available. Just visit your friendly Saturn dealer and they'll surely be able to locate your desired configuration and transfer it in for you.

Source: Autoblog