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Saturn and Me

"A different kind of company, a different kind of car."

I remember when GM launched the Saturn brand with that tag line. It was 1990. I was six.

Now I'm all grown up (or at least as grown as I'm going to be) and Saturn seems to have made it past the awkward stages itself. In the intervening years, the company has moved from alphanumerics to real names, done away with the dent-resistant plastic side panels, and begun sharing platforms with other GM divisions, most notably Opel. I'm proud to say - and my brother will attest to this - that I learned to share during the same time period.

The new product portfolio is full of Opel-based designs (Astra, Aura, Sky, Vue), as well as green tech (hybrid Aura and, soon, three(!) hybrid Vues to choose from). In its short life span, the no-haggle company has had its growing pains, figuring out what works and what doesn't. It's gone to school, and even studied abroad, to become a well-rounded, full-line brand. I wish I could say the same for myself.

Saturn is now a different kind of company, compared to what it was when it started, and it's selling a different kind of car.