Rumors: Cadillac Planning $300K Sedan and SUV, Cancelling CT8?

The rumor mill is running at full steam.

Cadillac is the latest subject of the auto-industry rumor mill, with sources saying the company will go all-in on ultra-luxury models, while also canceling a planned luxury sedan.

According to GM Inside News, Cadillac has plans for a hyper-luxury sedan and SUV in the $250,000-$300,000 range. The report pegs the primo SUV as sitting above the forthcoming Cadillac XT8 Escalade replacement, trading blows with the Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and Aston Martin DBX. GM Inside News reports the SUV will likely wear the XT9 badge, and will be priced around $250,000. According to Inside News, the XT8 isnt due until 2020, with the mysterious XT9 arriving sometime around 2027.

The hyper-luxe sedan will apparently follow the same formula, with a halo model sitting above the upcoming CT8, Cadillac’s planned Mercedes-Benz S-Class competitor. The halo sedan will reportedly arrive with world-class luxury in 2029, likely powered by a hybrid or all-electric drivetrain.

Aside from the fact that there are no firm facts to back up this report, it would be a huge stretch for Cadillac to leapfrog, say, the $100,000-$160,000 car range to go straight to competing with Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Based on its most recent cars, including the XT5 and CT6, it seems Cadillac is more interested in competing with the Japanese and German luxury mainstays that entering the hyper-competitive but low-volume ultra-lux segment.

In a seemingly contradictory move, other reports suggest the Cadillac CT8, the brand’s planned S-Class competitor, has been mothballed. In a tweet, Autoline claims the market shift to crossover and SUVS played a role in the reported cancellation. While the market has shifted, it seems unlikely that Cadillac would cancel the CT8 project so close to the projected release, especially with Cadillac’s plans to release 11 new models by 2020.

A Cadillac spokesperson declined to comment on the report, telling AUTOMOBILE that, “CT6 is at the moment top of the range but not the limit of our dreams. We are still on track to introduce 11 new vehicles by 2020. We’re just not ready yet to talk about what they will be.”

Stay tuned to see whether either of these rumors proves true.

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