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Rowan Atkinson Crashes McLaren F1 in England

If bad things can happen to good people, bad crashes can happen to good drivers. So it's (sadly) not surprising that Rowan Atkinson is a little sore this afternoon after stuffing his McLaren F1 into a hedge in England Thursday night.

Atkinson is most famous for his recurring role in films and TV shows as Mr. Bean and a role in Blackadder alongside Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.Recently, the star hit the peak of car guy fandom, when he took to the Top Gear Test Track in Guildford, England. Atkinson, who joined the show as a "star in a reasonably priced car," took a Kia Cee'd around the Dunsfold airfield in 1:42.2, the fastest any celebrity has driven the hatchback on the track.

During his interview for the talk show, Atkinson talked at length about his maroon McLaren F1, saying it was a great car and that he had driven it for "37,000 miles--which for a McLaren is a lot." Eagle-eyed Top Gear viewers will also recognize Atkinson's car as the exact F1 that raced -- and lost to -- a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Coupe on the show.

Thursday night, Atkinson was driving the car in Cambridgeshire, about 70 miles north of London, when it it appears he hit a street sign, a lamp post, and a tall hedge. Atkinson managed to make it out of the car before, it was reported, the McLaren burst into flames.

Atkinson was transported to a nearby hospital and released Friday morning. In the meantime, the car fire was extinguished and the former world's-fastest car was only lightly injured. It will probably be sent back to the McLaren factory in Woking, England, for some repairs. Let's hope factory technicians aren't not too busy tweaking their new products to help Mr. Bean out.

Source: The Guardian