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Rinspeed XchangE Debuts at 2014 Geneva Auto Show

For years, Rinspeed has premiered wild, otherworldly concept cars at the Geneva auto show, and the tradition continues for 2014 with this RinspeedXchangE Concept that's based on the Tesla Model S. After being previewed a few months ago, we now have photos and some information on this all-electric concept vehicle that will premiere next month at the 2014 Geneva auto show. This wacky-looking, completely autonomous electric vehicle puts a priority on finding new things to occupy the driver now that he or she doesn't have to worry about driving.

To this end, Rinspeed has completely transformed the interior of the Tesla, creating swiveling seats that are supposed to mimic the design of an airplane's business-class seating. Passengers can relax in these comfy seats and do whatever they please as they're carted along thanks to myriad infotainment and web connectivity systems present inside the XchangE. These systems allow for movie watching, web surfing, gaming possibilities, and more. The idea is that taking a trip in this driverless car will be even better than traveling by plane or train.

On the outside, the Rinspeed XchangE is remarkably tame for a Rinspeed concept. It has a slightly strange green color scheme with yellow accents throughout, along with a luminescent, multi-colored roof, but otherwise looks much like a standard Tesla Model S.

At this point, Rinspeed isn't releasing much information about the XchangE's autonomous drive system, saying only that the car uses steer-by-wire technology with a special steering wheel that can be "parked" in the middle of the dashboard when not in use. We're curious to see what kind of autonomous technology this small company has come up with to compete with the systems being developed by companies like Nissan and Mercedes-Benz. Maybe it's a good thing that the RinspeedXchangE won't be going into production anytime soon…

Look for more information about the Rinspeed XchangE concept to come closer to its debut at the 2014 Geneva auto show next month.