Rinspeed Etos is an Autonomous Car with Built-In Drone Landing Pad

For when you absolutely need to be on the cutting edge.

The maniacs at Swiss tuning and design house Rinspeed are at it again with a wild new concept car set to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2016.

In typical Rinspeed fashion, the new Etos concept is just as bizarre as its previous concepts, which included such diverse vehicles as an amphibious Lotus Elise, a hovercraft, and a self-driving BMW i3 with a different exterior design. The Etos is a strangely sporty take on autonomous cars, with a supercar profile and a large panoramic windshield and sunroof. The Etos is equipped with an "intuitive and adaptive autopilot" mode that when engaged, folds and retracts the steering wheel into the dashboard, completely removing the driver from the process. When in this "autopilot" mode, Rinspeed says two curved windscreens move closer to the driver and passenger to "provide a better view."

On the rear decklid of the Rinspeed Etos is a launch pad for a drone that comes with the vehicle. Rinspeed says the drone provides a host of benefits, including picking up and delivering packages. Most useful, however, is the ability of the drone to take live video of the car and stream it to friends. Track-day videos just got even more exciting.

Sound like the perfect sports car for your needs? Don't get your hopes up on actually getting one, as this is the 22 concept to emerge from the Swiss company, and none of them have gone into production thus far.

The Rinspeed Etos makes its official debut at this next year's CES in early January.

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