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This 890-HP Chevy Camaro Is a Belgium-Bound Mystery

We do know that it was created by the vaunted Ringbrothers.

Break out the earplugs, Belgians—as soon as SEMA wraps up, a Ringbrothers creation will be stalking the streets of your fair country. As part of its annual Vegas blow-out, the ultra-high-end custom and hot rod shop unveiled its newest Camaro creation, and it's soon to be an import to Europe.

It's called the Valkyrja—an Old Norse translation of "valkyrie"—and despite the open-book nature of Ringbrothers' past projects, we know very little about this build. What we do know is tantalizing, though. A mighty 890 horsepower comes from a Wegner Motorsports 6.8-liter LS3-based V-8, fed by a massive 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger. As is the case with most high-power builds, a heavily modified six-speed Tremec routs the power to the rear wheels through a beefy carbon-fiber driveshaft.

The car also has Baer brakes, HRE wheels, Michelin tires, a Detroit Speed suspension, and a Flowmaster exhaust system, but that's all we know about the mechanicals at this point. Visually, it's more of the same Ringbrothers goodness we've come to expect, incorporating an incredible amount of carbon fiber, milled aluminum, and 3D-printed components. To top it off, it's coated from bumper to bumper in a subtle brownish, greenish paint called TOTOPKG Green. Dig it.