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Resale Values on Fisker Pummeled By Uncertain Future

Aside from its notoriety of being bought by pop musician Justin Bieber, and the many well-documented issues with its quality, reliability and workmanship, the Fisker Karma was noted for its sleek, dramatic, low-slung styling penned by its eponymous designer Henrik Fisker, of Aston Martin and BMW fame. But star power couldn't save the star-crossed company from hard times, with poor reviews, inconsistent quality, and ultimately a cash shortfall bringing the startup automaker to the uncertain state it currently finds itself.

In a story for NBC News, veteran auto industry reporter and analyst Phil LeBeau documents prices for the Fisker Karma at sometimes less than half as much as the vehicle's $103,000 price when new. A dealer in suburban Chicago put a Karma on eBay that got a top bid of just $45,100 before the listing was pulled because the reserve was not met. However, the same dealer recently sold a Karma for almost $60,000, indicating there is a market for the cars among some buyers, attracted by its dramatic, unique styling and eco-friendly drivetrain.

Although similar in size and price to the Tesla Model S, the Karma's tight interior, unrefined engine (when in charge-sustaining mode) and spotty quality never quite earned it the same legitimacy and positive reception the Tesla received.

Source: NBC News