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Report: Tesla Model S Upgrades May Include Wi-Fi, All-Wheel Drive

Tesla Model S adding AWD?

The Tesla Model S electric sedan is likely to receive a slew of updates next year, according to a pair of new reports. The Model S could add all-wheel-drive, Wi-Fi networking, a speed-limiting valet mode, and a smartphone tethering function.

The Tesla Model S is currently only offered as a rear-wheel-drive sedan, which could limit its sales in states with adverse weather. As a result, the company is reportedly readying an all-wheel-drive version so customers can use the can more easily in snow and other inclement weather. Tesla is already developing an AWD system for its upcoming Model X electric crossover, which reportedly made it easy to adapt such a system into the Model S. The Verge suggests the Tesla Model S would offer AWD only on a high-end premium trim level.

Other changes for the Tesla Model S reportedly concern its in-car electronics. At a Q-and-A session in California, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that his company was considering adding a valet mode that would limit the Model S's top speed. That way, a valet parker or car porter couldn't test out the car's BMW M5-rivalling acceleration. The car's navigation system will reportedly gain an option for a "North Up" map display, the ability to tether a user's smartphone for faster data connectivity, and the ability to host a Wi-Fi network for occupants to use while on the road. Pulse 2.0 suggests these features will be rolled out as an over-the-air software upgrade within a couple of months.

"There's a ton of additional functionality that we want to get to the car via the over-the-air update," Musk said at the Q-and-A session. "I can tell you about some of the features that are going to come fairly soon, maybe in the next one to two months."

Tesla representatives didn't respond to requests for comment.