Report: McLaren 650S Replacement Aims to Outperform Ferrari 488 GTB

The middle McLaren gets updated.

A new report from Autocar outlines the future of the McLaren 650S. Codenamed the McLaren P14, the replacement for the supercar from Woking will outgun and outrun the new Ferrari 488 GTB, and bring the performance benchmark right up to the threshold of the current range-topping McLaren 675LT.

To beat the Ferrari, the new McLaren will only need relatively minor performance upgrades. The current, 641-hp 650S is rated by McLaren to go from 0-62 mph 3.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 207 mph, numbers that are already right on top of the Ferrari 488 GTB's quoted times of 3.0 seconds and 205 mph for the same metrics. But to truly bloody the 488's nose on the track, McLaren will reportedly add extra power for a total of around 660 hp. This number would just barely leave the McLaren performance crown with the 675LT, which makes 666 hp, but due to the limited production of that model, Autocar says it's possible that the P14 will eclipse that number.

According to the report, the styling is said to be even more radical than the McLaren P1 hypercar, setting a clean-sheet design precedence for the future of the McLaren lineup. The distinctive trademark side intake scoops and front bumper design will remain, however. The P14 will initially debut as a hard top, with a convertible model following soon after, much like the current 650S.

Our European Bureau chief Georg Kacher previously reported on the future of the McLaren lineup, saying that the 650S replacement would not perform much higher than the current 650S, with simple things like better in-gear acceleration, semi-active suspension, and a smaller emissions footprint.

The new middle McLaren will debut in time for a 2018 model year. Look for more details in the near future.

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