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Record Laps With GoPro Via BMW iDrive, Mini Connected

Filming your track days and canyon runs for YouTube posterity is now a little easier -- at least if you drive a modern BMW or Mini. The infotainment systems for those cars now have a built-in app that allows drivers to control GoPro video cameras from the car's systems.

The GoPro feature works with BMW iDrive and Mini Connected systems in any car from 2012 through today, although drivers must also have an Apple iPhone with the latest version of the GoPro app. With everything set up, drivers use the on-board infotainment system to access the GoPro's settings, allowing them to toggle video, still, or timelapse photos; start and stop video recording; view the camera battery's state of charge; and, when the car is stationary, see the view from the camera to ensure it's positioned correctly for recording enthusiastic driving.

The updated GoPro app for BMW iDrive and Mini Connected is available now in the Apple app store. The functions work only on GoPro Hero3+ and newer cameras with built-in Wi-Fi.

To demonstrate the possibilities of the new software, GoPro gave racer Justin Bell a handful of cameras so he could film some hot laps on track in the 2015 BMW M3 and 2015 BMW M4. Bell uses a variety of camera locations to show the cars' front wheels, a view of him driving, and a point-of-view shot from a camera affixed to his helmet. Check out the video below to see how Bell puts GoPro cameras to use driving the new M3 and M4 against some older high-performance BMWs.