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Raquel Welch as a racing trophy queen

Pre-Hollywood photographs of Barbara Eden and Raquel Welch--when they posed for pictures with winning race car drivers--will be featured in a new "Trophy Queens" exhibit at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, California, starting this August. (When this photo was taken circa 1959, Welch was nineteen years old and named Raquel Tejada; she's posing with Don Cameron, who was the 1956 United Racing Association champion.) Linda Vaughn's role as Miss Hurst Golden Shifter also will be highlighted.

Other new exhibits will include a sixty-years-of-NASCAR feature that also opens in August and a seventy-five-year anniversary celebration of the Ford Model 40 that kicks off in December.

More information is available at http://museum.nhra.com.