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President Obama Squeals Rubber in a 1963 Corvette with Jerry Seinfeld

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee at the White House.

Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee goes presidential to kick off its new season, casually swinging by the White House in a brilliant split-window 1963 Chevrolet Corvette. We can think of no better classic American sports car to suit President Obama, and he doesn't mind the pairing either.

"This is a sweet car right here," he said. "This is beautiful."

"I thought, the coolest car--American made--for the coolest guy to ever hold this office," Seinfeld told President Obama.

Like many who fell in love with the Corvette Stingray, it happened to the President at a young age. He first saw one that belonged to a friend of his grandfather's. "I remember seeing one of these things and thinking, 'If I was ever able to get me one of these, I'd be set. '"

As much as Jerry wants to take the President out for a coffee in D.C., the gate guard isn't having any of it. They take a nice spin around the White House grounds, before settling into the presidential cafe for a cup of joe.

Finally, Obama gets behind the wheel of the sexy blue Corvette and confirms he's fulfilling "A childhood dream." Like a true champion, the President roasts the tires a little before taking off.

Something tells us that if this were the Vice President on Seinfeld's show, and it were a Pontiac Trans Am, Uncle Joe would have laid down a much bigger patch.

Click here to see the full episode. It's your duty as an American.