Head of Porsche Mission E Project Discusses Future EVs, Fast Charging

A look into the silent, fast future of Porsche

Aside from a few glimpses of a heavily camouflaged test mule, the production form of the Porsche Mission E concept remains obfuscated. Despite this, the German automaker remains vocal on the forthcoming all-electric performance sedan, confirming a future for both the future of the Mission E model and a wider focus on electrifying its lineup. Now, ahead of the 2018 Geneva auto show, Porsche released an in-house interview with Stefan Weckbach, the current head of Battery Electric Vehicles at Porsche giving us a glimpse into the current state of Mission E.

The interview doesn’t reveal any large surprises, but it does give a better look at the future of electrification at Porsche and what the automaker is doing to meet the fast-charging needs of customers. Porsche claims the production Mission E can be charged with 250 miles of range in under 20 minutes, providing one of the most efficient fast-charging scenarios on the market.

Weckbach hints both Porsche and the Volkswagen Group as a whole plan to build charging stations to accommodate the increase in both interest and availability of EVs. On top of that, Porsche is working with other brands under the VAG umbrella to develop modular EV platforms.

Aside from the 918 Spyder, the Mission E will be the most unconventional car to wear the Porsche badge in quite some time. However, Weckbach says brand zealots shouldn’t fret – the Mission E is a proper Porsche. Our European Bureau Chief Georg Kacher is one of the first to get behind the wheel of the concept, flogging it next to the new 911 GT2 RS in our large Dream Day feature.

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