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Polestar Bids Farewell to Volvo C30 with Video

The stylish Volvo C30 three-door hatch may be on its way out after a six-year model run, but the production manifestation of the 2001 Volvo SCC concept car won't be soon forgotten. Volvo's in-house tuning and motorsports division Polestar put together this short video compiling some of the highlights of the C30's on-track milestones.

Even if it didn't cause showroom stampedes, during its six-year existence, the three-door racked up an impressive string of accomplishments in the Swedish Touring Cup series, winning both the 2009 and 2010 title, and over the course of its racing career, getting 20 overall victories, 42 podium finishes, 34 pole positions, and 22 fastest laps.

In addition to highlighting the model's racing achievements, the video also takes a look at the limited Black R edition, as well as the no-holds-barred 455-hp AWD Polestar C30 concept. Of course, throughout the three-and-a-half-minute video, the sweet wide-open siren song of the C30's five-cylinder racing engine tickles your ears.

But lament not, fans of Swedish speed, although the C30 is going off to join its spiritual predecessor, the uncharacteristically sleek and sexy P1800 hatch, Polestar continues to build plenty of hot-rod Volvos, including the 508-hp Polestar S60.

Source: YouTube