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Dozens of Muscle Cars and Hot Rods Roll to Mississippi Sock Hop

Checking out the 23rd annual Cruisin' the Coast event.

On Thursday, October 10, our friends at the HOT ROD Network checked out the Vintage Air/Street Rodder Road Tour and 23rd Annual Cruisin' the Coast. Below is a brief recap and a gallery of what they saw.


There were no formal plans for the group that rolled 55 cars deep and that started from Vintage Air's San Antonio, Texas, manufacturing plant. Our official digs were at the Scarlet Pearl, and on Thursday there was an event they called the Sock Hop. Remembering the strict definition of "sock hop," I walked sans shoes in my Dickies socks to the parking lot adjacent to the hotel and started shooting images early in the day, before more folks showed up without their shoes. (Thank goodness it wasn't an Underwear Hop.)

More details on the massive event can be had on the Cruisin' website, but before you check that out, help us monetize our own site by clicking on the photos I shot while the pavement was burning right through my socks—and feet—and read about a few gems. A personal favorite was a 1961 Buick Invicta bubbletop—any time I spot any full-size '61 Buick, I get excited. The black '61 Buick Le Sabre shelf-top coupe was overdone to my tastes, but the guy that owned it love it, and that's what street rods are all about: personal satisfaction. The engine under the factory-original black paint was a stock 364-inch Nailhead with a two-barrel carb. The transmission—also standard Flint, Michigan, factory-issue—was an infinite-ratio Dynaflow automatic transmission with low range.

And I can't forget the Plum Crazy 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda that was there. Under this particular car's Shaker hood was a 426-inch Hemi covered with road grime and escaping engine oil, proving the owner wasn't afraid to drive the car. He hopped out of it like no big deal and he and his buddies who had brought cars of their own gathered up and walked to the Sock Hop with their shoes on. I guess it was okay to wear shoes. Oops.

This article originally appeared on HOT ROD.