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Filial Piety and Alfa Romeo Intertwine on Latest Petrolicious

Bonding through vintage cars.

On the newest episode of Petrolicious, two brothers discuss their love of vintage Alfa Romeos and the foundation of automotive passion their father built for them.

If you ask David and Howard Swig where they caught car fever from, they would probably cite their dad as the primary source of inspiration. Their father, Martin Swig, found his success in a string of California dealerships, including the one of the first multiple-franchise dealerships in America. "You could either afford Ferraris and Maseratis, or Alfas and Fiats," says David Swig. "My father was always on the Alfa and Fiat end."

Martin was a true petrolhead, with roots that stretched back into the developing California car scene in the early 1940's. Eventually, in 1982, after establishing his success with his dealerships, he founded the California Mille Miglia, a 1,000-mile vintage car rally stretching through winding California backroads.

While Martin passed away a few years ago, the two brothers kept their father's spirit alive through the maintenance and care of his wonderful car collection. In the video, the two Swig brothers pilot a gorgeous 1959 Alfa Romeo Veloce Zagato and a 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce.

While both cars are rewarding driver's cars, the Veloce Zagato is more thrilling to drive than the 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. That's not to say the 1960 Alfa gets no love, as the white Alfa carries a few choice modifications to keep it reliable and competitive on the vintage rally circuit, and has served as the Swig's regular driver for 35 years.

In their own right, the two brothers haven't fallen completely in the shadow of their prolific father, with both brothers finding success in the automotive auction world. "When my father passed away, one  of our good family friends told us something very important," Said David Swig. "He said, 'Your father has very big shoes to fill, but don't forget you have your own shoes."

Take a look at the Swig brothers and their fabulous Alfa Romeos in the video below.

All photos were taken by Jeremy Heslup for Petrolicious.