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Petrolicious Explores the Challenges of Owning an Unusual Mitsubishi

A miniature Japanese musclecar.

Owners of obscure cars are members of a strange crowd. They go to extraordinary lengths to keep their prized cars on the road. On the newest episode from Petrolicious, the team shines the spotlight onto Matt De Mangos, a passionate owner of a rare 1970's-era Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO GSR.

The 1970's Galant GTO GSR was Mitsubishi's answer to the beloved A10 Toyota Celica, with small, diminutive proportions that aped the contemporary muscle cars from Detroit, including Mustangs, Cougars, Camaros, and Challengers. Unlike their American inspirations, the Galant GTO packed a revvy twin-can four cylinder under the hood, which is plenty of motivation for the featherweight body.

In his time owning the car, De Mangos has dealt with excruciatingly difficult maintenance and restoration challenges that come with owning a Japanese-market car in the U.S., with no forums, no books, and little-to-no technical information existing on our side of the world. He has had to deal with the language barrier, an extreme scarcity of replacement parts, and a lack of technical documentation. Many of the parts, he says, he either fabricates himself or commissions custom components.

"I had to learn Japanese, I had to make friends with people all around the world, I had to make things that weren't available," De Mangos says. "There was no catalogue, there was no forum telling me how to do something or making any suggestions."

In the video, De Mangos explains how he enjoys the small nature of the car, and what drew him to seek one out to begin with. Take a look at the fascinating Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO GSR in the video below.