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Petrolicious Explores a Young Enthusiast’s 1976 BMW 2002

A car to keep for a lifetime.

Classic cars, more so than modern ones, are often blank canvases waiting for the owner's perfect design. On the newest episode of Petrolicious, the team takes a look at a 1976 BMW 2002 built and customized by a young enthusiast as a reflection of his own interpretation of his perfect car.

With a deficit of both tools and experience, Carter Kelly Kramer learned the hard way to not buy cars on eBay sight-unseen. The ratty old 2002 that he had purchased turned out to be in far poorer condition than the ad had let on, with a bucketful of rust and mechanical issues. Undaunted, he took the car home with him, where he promptly crashed it through a fence. Kramer's excuse? "All 16-year-olds think they are the best drivers."

After fixing up the front end and making sure the car was running properly over the course of a few years, he parted ways with his beloved 2002 for a more modern BMW E30, but ended up buying the car back after just two months.

He painted it in a beautiful orange hue, added aggressive body flares, and added a few other touches to make the car his own. Now, it serves as his dream car and inspiration, a rolling representation of his own creativity and design.

Take a look at Carter Kelly Kramer's 1976 BMW 2002 in the video below.