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Petrolicious Explores a Car Designer’s 1971 BMW 2002 in New Video

A Tesla Designer’s BMW.

On the newest video from Petrolicious, the team takes a close look at a car designer's classic BMW 2002.

Radu Muntean has drawn cars since a young age, and turned that hobby into his career. He grew up in Romania, and migrated to California, where he graduated from the Art Center College of Design. After working with major manufacturers like Ford and General Motors, he now pens designs for Tesla. He may help design electric cars for a career, but in his garage, it is an entirely different story. When he is not painting, Radu pilots a heavily modified 1971 BMW 2002 around the hills of California.

The 1971 BMW 2002 started life out under Radu's care as a garage queen, until he returned to the garage after some aggressive driving, and he decided the car needed to be driven constantly to be properly enjoyed.

Now, he says the car goes everywhere. Under the hood, an M20 BMW inline-six engine puts down plenty of power for the light coupe, while short gearing provides snappy acceleration. "It's not a super fast car," Muntean says, "but it's a loud, fun, super quick car."

True to his designer roots, Muntean says he fell in love with the look of the 2002 over time, but not immediately. He credits the clean and simple design for its popularity.

Take a look at Radu Muntean's gorgeous 1971 BMW 2002 in the video below.